Twedt Red Angus

A North Dakota Red Angus Cattle Rancher

At Twedt Red Angus we pride ourselves in trying to raise the best cattle we can. We strive to make our customers more profitable by having a very strict cow herd. As a breeder we need to be held to a higher standard. We have a responsibility and a duty to manage our cattle very strictly. Our cow herd is culled extensively each year. If a cow is open, she is not moved to a different calving group. She is culled. Fertility is a trait that can make or break you as a commercial rancher. You need your cows getting bred and you need them bred early.

There is a huge weight difference between a first cycle calf and a second or a third. There is no excuse for feet or udders either. Disposition is another big one. Cows are culled each year for poor dispositions. You don't want wild cows so why as a breeder should we raise them. The last thing we cull on is performance. A cow must be raising a top-quality calf year in and year out or it is culled.

At Twedt Red Angus we also firmly believe in cow families. We believe when you can track generation after generation of good honest, fertile, highly-productive cows, that those cows need to be reproduced faster. This is where flushing comes in. We flush about 5-10 cows a year and put in about 100-150 embryos a year. This allows us to improve and advance our program faster and in return offer you higher quality genetics.

We want to thank you for checking out our program. If you are in the area feel free to spot out for a tour or give us a call and we would love to visit with you!

2023 Red Angus Association of America Breed of the Year

Upcoming Events

Annual Production Sale

Feb 6th, 2024 |  1 pm at the ranch
65 - Yearling Red Angus Bulls
10 - 2-Year-old Red Angus Bulls
20 - Registered Bred Red Angus Heifers
120 - Commercial Red Angus Cross Bred Heifers

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